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Sphagnum Peat


Second to none, like our coco, our sphagnum peat takes the gold. Our sphagnum peat(SP) is a premium product due to its higher organic matter percent. Our SP is sourced straight from Canada and comes in testing at 98% organic matter. Much of the other SP on the market tests closer to 90%. 

Our peat comes by the pallet in:

  • Large bales(4 cu. m. / 64 cu. ft.)
  • Medium bales(340L / 6 cu. ft.)
  • Small bales(225L / 3.8 cu. ft.)
  • Expanded in 1 cu. yard totes
  • Expanded in 2 cu.ft. bags

You can also choose your grade:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Course
  • Extra Course